The Pretenders

The Pretenders

N. Sionil Jose

A Book Analysis

Shown to

Ms. Fe Fulgencio

As a class standing component

In English 6

Patricia Marie M. Cabitac

Drive 7, 2008

I. The Characters

❖ Antonio " Tony” Samson

– Spouse of Carmen Villa, brother of manang Betty ❖ Carmen House

– Wife of Antonio Samson

вќ– Manang Betty

– Sis of Antonio Samson

вќ– Manong Bert

– Spouse of manang Betty

вќ– Don Manuel Villa

– Father of Carmen Villa

вќ– Mrs. Villa

– Wife of Don Manual, mother of Carmen Villa ❖ Lawrence Bitfogel

– A good good friend of Antonio Samson whom he attained in America ❖ Emy

– Cousin and first like of Antonio Samson ❖ Pepe

– Son of Emy

вќ– Bettina

– Sister of Emy

вќ– Ben De Jesus

– Partner in business of Wear Manuel Villa, husband of Nena Sobre Jesus, good friend of Carmen Villa ❖ Nena Sobre Jesus

– Best friend of Carmen Property, wife of Ben De Jesus ❖ Mr. Samson

– Father of Antonio and Betty Samson ❖ Istak/ Eustaquio

– Grand daddy of Antonio Samson

вќ– Godo Acostumbrar

– A great friend of Antonio Samson in Antipolo who is a journalist ❖ Linda

– Godo's partner

вќ– Steve

– A good friend of Antonio Samson in Antipolo who is the journalist ❖ Dean Lopez

– Leader in the college or university where Antonio Samson used to work ❖ Dr . Gomez

– A professor inside the university, a great expertise upon government

вќ– Dr . Santos

– An additional professor in oriental record on the same university ❖ Senator Reyes

– Partner in his business of Don Manuel Villa ❖ Alfred Dangmount

– Partner in his organization of Add Manuel Rental property ❖ Saito San

-- Partner in his business of Don Manuel Villa вќ– Father Dark brown

– Clergyman who presided in Carmen and Antonio's marriage ❖ Johnny Shelter

– An associate of BOD, partner running a business of Wear Manuel House ❖ Bastian

– One of many guards where father of Antonio Samson stayed and also to whom having been called " Ama” ❖ Julia

– One of the service personnel in the house of the Villas ❖ Simang

– The woman who also accompanied Antonio and Carmen when they went to Rosales to consider his main ❖ Fely

- Secretary of Antonio Samson

вќ– Miss Josephine Tinio

- Professor of Antonio, Godo and Steve вќ– Angel

- Anatomist student from Iloilo, batch mate of Tony, Steve and Godo вќ– Jacinto

- Strong peasant by Nueva Ecija, batch mate of Tony, Charlie and Godo

2. Summary

The story of the novel " the pretenders” by farreneheit. Sionil Jose is all about Antonio " Tony” Samson's hunt for in his your life. He not simply searched for his roots but in addition for appropriate actions toward a bereaved world, such as...



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