Essay regarding The Impact of Less-Lethal Guns and Strategies

The effect of Less-Lethal Weapons and Tactics

The Impact of less-lethal weaponry and tactics. The effect about modern police from the make use of and developments of advanced weapons.

The Impact of Less-Lethal Weapons and Tactics

Paul Howe

Columbia Southern University

Police and Community Relationships


Colleen Davis

06 01, 2011

The Impact of Less-Lethal Guns and Tactics

The usage of less-lethal pressure in law enforcement is not a new principle; the varieties of less-lethal pressure have evolved with time though. From in the early days of policing with wooden golf equipment to current carrying modern conducted strength devices (CED) commonly referred to as Tasers. A professor of criminology in University of South Carolina, Geoffrey P. Alpert recently concluded an NIJ- funded examine of traumas to representatives and civilians during use-of-force events. The analysis looks at damage rates of both civilian and officials incurred during use of power events. Civilians ranged from seventeen to 64 percent although officers had been 10 to twenty percent (Bulman, 2011). Fit asked in the event that new technology can reduce the percentage of accidents. It is stated that advances in technology such as chemical real estate agents and Tasers offer more effective control over resistive subjects. There are over 11, 000 law enforcement officials agencies which might be currently employing CEDs, but not without controversy with objections being expressed from groups such as Amnesty International plus the ACLU. These kinds of groups make the claim that the use of CEDs contribute to in custody deaths (Bulman, 2011). The analysis includes thorough analysis of from 3 specific police force agencies, the Richland Region Sheriff's Section (RCSD), the Miami-Dade Law enforcement Department (MDPD), and the Seattle Police Division (SPD). RCSD showed inside their reports that there was simply no correlation between using Tasers and a reduction in injuries to suspect or officers. The MDPD reported a reduction in the possibilities of injuries to...