Student Brawl

Hello ladies and gentlemen, pupils, teachers and judges. Nice everyone who may have given me personally the opportunity to stand here to offer my presentation in front of you all.

As you know that student brawl is a tradition towards many student on the globe, especially in Dalam negri. The main task of college student is examine, not to combat. That's why I believe it's a really interesting topic to be explained. Just how it works, how come they fight, and whom are " the actors” playing from this scene.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For sure, you will find factors that caused this type of thing to take place. Let me split this into 2 elements; Individual Factors and Group Factors.

For seperate factor, the first one is Adolescent Stage.

Most of students are still trying to find their personality. That's why they're curious. They would like to know lots of things. We nearly can say the fact that student brawl itself is a part of their particular experiment.

The second one is Assault as Entertainment.

Nowadays there are a lot of games, movies; actually advertisement which is showing assault that makes people is going to think assault is some thing usual.

Another one is Significantly less Communication from Parents.

This is the main problem that effect mostly. The parents don't give enough care for their children. In which she/ he can in this condition, it will be easier intended for her/ him to do a poor behavior. Student brawl is definitely one of this.

The fourth the first is Environment.

Environment can determine personality of individuals. If she/ he went up in a very good environment, he will be a very good person. But since she/ this individual rose in a bad environment, she/he'll certainly be a bad person. And so on.

The fifth the first is School. And the last of individual component is incorrect friend. This is also the main issue. Wrong good friends can lead you into wrong behavior.

Up coming, Group elements

First is Sensation. They're just interested what will happen if perhaps they do therefore. Second will be insulted. From a small thing may grow into a large problem just because being insulted. And the last is Substantial Solidarity....



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