Essay regarding Spiral yellow sand washing machine assembly

Get out of hand sand washer installation

Spiral sand washing machine set up points happen to be as follows:

1 ) The machine physique supplied by the company assembled units. After the end user receives the device, equipment ought to be checked and counted, to be able to eliminate conditions that may happen during transportation.

two Installation employees should be knowledgeable about the composition, performance and technical requirements of the product. Understand the required procedures and advance the development of a suitable unit installation process specs.

a few. Installation web page needs to have enough lifting capacity of raising equipment. Clinging in the rope on both sides of the body lugs ( not hanging other parts ), between the aspect plates one hundred twenty Г— a hundred and twenty square wood with a support to prevent distortion.

4 equipment shipment must be careful not haul on the ground to prevent problems for the casing deformation and parts.

5 fine sand washing machine clump should be mounted in the strengthened concrete foundation. Basis of height, depth and the size of regional soil conditions shall be computed separately. Set up requires a toned base surface area, and should have sufficient space for the installation and repair of transportation products.

6 plans

в‘ Check that zero other international matter in the sand washing machine, spirochetes run freely, without rubbing, greeting cards and other tendency in the housing. в‘Ў Be sure the inner surface area of the olive oil standard gear oil two / three or more. If the oil shortage, it should come on towards the oil common 2 / 3. Reducer oil to GB5903-86 68 # weight industrial items oil, substituted once just about every six months. Is there appropriate quantity of petrol (EL-3 # lithium foundation oil ) within в‘ў Check the bearing. в‘Ј Check the fastening parts are tightened. Check the intake and exhaust is correct, the pipeline can be smooth.

several. в‘ bare load evaluation must follow the first walk, after effective principle. Following confirming that no unnatural sound empty...