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Softub Canada began in 1990 being a distributor pertaining to Softub UNITED STATES. The product is actually a portable froth hot tub with pump and hydro-therapy aircraft. It can be plugged into any home 120 watt receptacle. It truly is covered with marine plastic and fully self comprised. The product originated in the mid-1980's and the U. S. producer, holds several patents relating to its home heating. Since individuals early years the business has evolved via a distributor, to an assembler, into a complete scale manufacturing concern with 20+ employees. The business has made numerous improvements to the tubs and still have few warranty claims.


The tubs are now manufactured in their Sudbury facility. Every single tub is constructed of polyethylene froth, with two foot substantial, six inches thick wall surfaces. Tubs will be covered with marine plastic and consider only 40 lbs. They may be truly portable and can be rolled through a regular house threshold. A lightweight thermal cover minimizes evaporation and radiant temperature loss. The tub powerpack has a 1 horsepower moving pump and 1400 watts surgical stainless heat recovery system which in turn replaces standard heating elements. The pump/heating system connects into any 120 volt receptacle and attaches for the tub easily without equipment. This makes Softub more reliable and efficient than conventional recipient. The unique program keeps water hot and ready to use. The circular design and suspended foam cover act like a thermos to capture and contain the heat. The charge to keep Softub running is usually one-tenth of any conventional health spa or tub.

Market and Marketing

Softub is contending in the growing old whirlpool/spa amusement market.

Competitors are often well established firms who make and disperse permanent acrylic (hardside) whirlpools or health spas to dealers throughout Canada. Softub is a unique product from this market, offering state of the art hydrotherapy, portability and affordability towards the market. Softub hopes to entice a new part of the human population...