Essay about Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Disorders

Science For Living Notes (Compiled)

Table of Contents

Unit 1 Measurement5-10

Unit a couple of Matter11-48

Product 3 Basic materials pertaining to maintaining your life




Other biomolecules of life72-76

Unit 4 Strength in the Community





Straightforward Machines93-99

Product 5 The Physical Environment

Weather and Climate100-113


Unit 6th Living things inside the Environment

Herb and animal cells129

Eukaryotes vs prokaryotes130

Structures and functions133-137


Onion and cheek cells150-151

Ecological study154

Seed framework and germination155-157

Reproduction in plants158-165Sexually transmitted diseases166-176 Contraception and contraceptives177-185

Effects upon population growth186-187

Drug and drug abuse188-191

Man's effect on the environment192-199

Reproduction in man200-201



Various people live their lives without having a clue regarding certain issues pertaining to research and its impact on living. That they remain dark when it comes to having a knowledge of how the scientific items of this universe actually job. This portfolio was performed as a means of fulfilling the needs for the course Technology for Living, but it may also prove very beneficial to virtually any reader that happens to read that. In every sphere of your life, the recognition and appreciation from the application of technological principles are of utmost importance. In case the resources of our world should be properly useful for the enlargement of mans life, then simply an understanding in the responsibilities that human beings need to each other and the environment must be developed. Stuck in this collection is a wealth of information covering up many aspects of science and can therefore perform a major component in preparing citizens who are able to survive in the changing community and bring about its advancement. No audience that happens to check out this portfolio is going to leave devoid of gaining something highly effective. Therefore , make sure you read, and stay informed and enlightened.

The Clinical Method

TheScientific method identifies a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring fresh knowledge, or perhaps correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed technological, a method of request must be based upon gathering visible, empirical and measurableevidence subject to specific concepts of reasoning. A scientific method consists of the collection of data through remark and experimentation, and the ingredients and assessment of ideas. Scientific experts propose ideas as explanations of trends, and design experimentalstudies to test these ideas. Steps in the Scientific Method

1 . Establish the question

2 . Gather information and assets (observe)

several. Form hypothesis

4. Perform experiment and collect info

5. Analyze data

6. Interpret data and bring conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis 7. Post results

almost eight. Retest (frequently done by different scientists)

Metric Units

Metric Units will be scientific devices of assess, preferred for most countries. These are usually: size, volume, mass density, fat, temperature, time, force, which includes mille-, centi-, and kilo. In the early on metric program, there were a lot of fundamental or perhaps base units, the grad or quality for perspectives, the metre for duration, the gram for mass and the litre for potential. Quantity measured| Unit| Symbol| Relationship

Size, width,

distance, thickness,

girth, etc . | Millimeter| mm| 10 mm| =| 1 cm

| Centimeter| cm| 100 cm| =| 1 m

| Meter| m| В | В | В

| Kilometer| km| 1 km| =| 1000 m


(" weight”)*| Milligram| mg| 1000 mg| =| one particular g

| Gram| g| В | В | В

| Kilogram| kg| 1 kg| =| one thousand g


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