older people in lithuania

п»їOlder people have always been a significant focus intended for social coverage because Lithuania is a great ageing society. The one sixth of the total Lithuanian human population is constituted of people more aged than 60 years. Female life expectancy outstrips the male rate by eleven years


one of the most crucial features of your aging of the inhabitants is quicker in comparison with the other more mature age groups

To guarantee a sufficient degree of income is one of the most important issues in the framework of an ageing population. when folks leave the labor marketplace, they abruptly decrease their particular income. By way of example in Lithuania pension comprises 44 percent from the month to month average earnings. Pension charge in Lithuania was and remains one of the main social concerns for the entire period since 1990. In Lithuania pensions at present paid are very low to keep up ‘normal' sejour standard lots of people are forced to live in poverty.

Persons in lithuania retire in a different way, a govt adopted a retirement age of woman 70, man by 62. People of retirement are concerned to continue their work, because retirement living pensions happen to be formed about only of 44 percent of common monthly wage. In lithuania it is legal to work for people who are above 65

Old-age pension can be paid each time a person complies with two circumstances: 1 . Extends to the age of statutory retirement age;

2 . Have no less than 15 years State sociable pension insurance, the pension pension.

Cultural care

The Lithuanian social support consists of two parts: cultural services and monetary support. Social services, which are wanted to elderly people, could be estimated as being a help to get maintaining activity and the use of older people into the contemporary society. Social services help to guarantee suitable home for that pet of seniors. Lithuania imported the idea of care homes about 10 years back. Now day-care centres had been established in Lithuania as well.

In Lithuania mainly presented services will be: provision of compensatory tactics,...



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