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Rahina Ishawu

The Threshold of Democracy

Doctor S

09/29 14


My own fellow Athenians

All of us are gathered below today to go over an important topic concerning just how magistrates and those in charge of doing the decisions of the Assemblage are chosen. As of today my own fellow Athenians, the people who also make decisions for this wonderful city happen to be those who own land or perhaps equivalent houses. But as a radical liberal, I believe that selected people should not maintain so much capacity to the detriments of others. So that the situation equilibrium, officials must be chosen simply by lot. We must get rid of this " Flat iron law of oligarchy”. (Michel's). What is the application of democracy if a selected couple of make decision that have an effect on every Athenian? Isn't democracy supposed to entail everyone in decision making? So why can't ladies, the metics and the youngsters participate? Concerns I leave for you the oligarch to resolve. The answer to this topic of dialogue is fairly basic. Involve everybody in Athens, be it women, slaves, metics and the youngsters. One should have to individual land and equivalent real estate to have your vote. No, if we claim our company is under democratic rule, in that case these two circumstances shouldn't be the only reason for that you vote. I am aware many of you are declaring that by simply allowing a whole lot (including everyone) to select federal government positions, (have a voice in decisions made by this assembly), we are certainly not abiding simply by Athena's decision. Since our assembly was personally bespoke by Athena to decide the fate of Athens. Nevertheless my concerns is, what good has it done to all of us my brothers? According to Socrates, the citizen must treat the state with more view and value than this individual treats his father, or perhaps, if he could be a servant, his master. (Socrates) Right now, going with what Socrates explained, shouldn't all of us include the metics in voting? These are people who proved they can be citizens of Athens. You all are claiming we cannot allow illiterate or inexperienced persons to make decisions for our beloved Athens. Even...