Essay in Chapter08 assessment questions

Chapter08 review questions

1. Which excessive storage network protocols used by a SAN is IP-based? a. iSCSI

b. FC

c. FCoE


2 . Which will Fibre Route zone is considered the most restrictive?

a. FC hard zone

w. FC gentle zone

c. FC interface zone

g. FC user interface zone

three or more. An opponent can use NetBIOS to determine all the following APART FROM ______________. a. Computer titles

b. Contents of the remote name eclipse

c. Set of remote NetBIOS names

m. List of solved names

four. Which type of log can provide details concerning requests intended for specific documents on a system? a. Function log

m. Access sign

c. Audit log

d. Sysfile record

5. Which kind of gadget log contains the most beneficial protection data? a. Email sign

b. Move log

c. Firewall sign

d. Router log

6. Which type of cloud emerges to all users?

a. Cross types cloud

m. Private cloud

c. Open public cloud

d. Community impair

7. Which usually of these will not be a valid Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) error message? a. Host Inaccessible

b. Network Unreachable

c. Destination Network Unknown

d. Router Postpone

8. Net Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is used by simply each of these problems EXCEPT __________. a. ICMP poisoning

b. Smurf 2 attack

c. ICMP reroute attack

m. Ping of death

being unfaithful. Which edition of Basic Network Administration Protocol (SNMP) is considered the most secure? a. SNMPv2

b. SNMPv3

c. SNMPv4

d. SNMPv5

10. Which usually Domain Name System (DNS) assault replaces a fraudulent Internet protocol address for a emblematic name? a. DNS answer

w. DNS masking

c. DNS poisoning

deb. DNS forwarding

11. Which in turn of these is among the most secure process for copying files? a. SCP



deb. FTP

12. Each of these is a technique for obtaining a router EXCEPT ____________________. a. Producing all setup changes slightly

b. Securing all jacks

c. Environment a strong administrator password

d. Using a that means router brand

13. Which statement about a flood protect is true?

a. It is a separate hardware equipment that is located inside the DMZ. b. It prevents 2 or DDoS...