Essay upon CHAPTER VI-Principles of Travel 2

SECTION VI-Principles of Tourism 2


Travel and leisure Distribution Funnel


1 ) Define this is of travel and leisure distribution channel

2 . Discuss the types of travel intermediaries

three or more. Describe the functions of specialty intermediaries

4. Always be acquainted with the distribution channels

5. Understand the relation of distribution to marketing

6. Be aware of the distribution tactics


TRAINING: Write ACCURATE if the affirmation is correct and FALSE if the statement is usually incorrect within the space presented before every single number.

_____1. The travel and leisure distribution funnel produces the hyperlink between the suppliers of travel and leisure services as well as the consumer. _____2. Distribution maybe direct and indirect.

_____3. In travel, sales intermediaries or people who operates between your producer and consumer are necessary. _____4. Tour agent offer the services specific in an marketed tour bundle. _____5. A tour deal is a mix of one travel services components put together and sold as being a single product.

That means of Travel and leisure Distribution Route

The tourism distribution route produces the hyperlink between the suppliers of travelling services as well as the consumer It is a system of syndication that makes the product available A computer, structure or linkage of numerous combinations of travel businesses through which a producer of travel goods describes and confirms journeys to the client This has a two-fold goal – to make certain that potential travellers can obtain the data they need in choosing a getaway or trip and to make the essential reservations Division maybe direct or roundabout

Direct distribution occurs when the manufacturer sells straight to the consumer Roundabout distribution happens when the deal to the customer is made via an intermediary In contrast to manufacturing products, the holiday product may not be packed and shipped to the consumer neither can it be held in inventory In tourism, product sales intermediaries or perhaps individuals who works between the...